YouTuber cited for driving go-kart on CA freeway: cops


A go-kart rider got busted for riding on a freeway in Sherman Oaks, California, on Dec. 1, 2021, California Highway Patrol said. The driver was issued a citation.

Screengrab from video footage obtained by the West Valley California Highway Patrol

A group of YouTubers filmed someone driving a go-kart on a California freeway for a “fresh” video, officials said.

The West Valley California Highway Patrol officer didn’t think it was a smart idea.

In fact, the agency called the stunt “dangerous, stupid and illegal,” according to a Facebook post from Dec. 1.

The 37-second video shows a person driving a go-kart and entering Highway 101 in Sherman Oaks at 2 a.m., the post shows.

The person filming is driving slowly behind the go-kart rider, who doesn’t appear to have any lights on the small racing car.

A highway patrol officer noticed traffic slowing down on the freeway, then spotted the go-kart driving in the slow lane, officials said.

The go-kart driver also had a car driving in the front of it with its hazard lights on.

All the cars got pulled over. The go-kart driver was issued a citation for unlawful operation and impeding traffic. Another driver was cited for being “a minor and driving outside of their license provisions.”

“Absolutely zero social media content is worth putting your life or others in danger,” the highway patrol said in the post.

Helena Wegner is a McClatchy National Real-Time Reporter covering the state of Washington and the western region. She’s a journalism graduate from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She’s based in Phoenix.

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