Want to save £85 a year on energy bills? Turn your thermostat down a degree

Which? also suggested taking a look at appliances that are not always in use and turning them off at the power if they are on standby. For a typical home, this could save £55 a year.

Lowering the temperature of washing machines is an eco-friendly way to save money. Which? found that even a 20C wash can do the trick in some cases, particularly when using liquid detergent rather than powder.

Natalie Hitchins, the head of home products and services at Which?, said: “Huge energy bill hikes are a cause of real concern for millions of households across the country, especially when many are already feeling the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis.

“Which? has found that everyone can make small changes to reduce their energy consumption – and most importantly save money. Several small steps taken together can add up to significant savings.”

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