TikTokers try to sell ‘lettuce crisps’ – and people aren’t impressed

Salad or crisp alternative? (Picture: @houseofketo/Tiktok)

There’s searching for a healthier alternative – and then there’s just trying to pretend that salad is a substitute for crisps.

One creator on TikTok showcased her ‘lettuce crisp’ recipe, as many people are always on the lookout for healthier alternatives to snack food.

If you like vegetable crisps, you might have thought this would be a similar idea.

Sadly not. This recipe doesn’t quite pack the same crunch (or flavour) as traditional crisps.

All you have to do to make ‘lettuce crisps’ is rip apart lettuce, chuck it in a bowl, add lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, then toss in some seasoning.

Job done. You don’t fry or grill the lettuce – these ‘crisps’ are meant to be eaten as they are.

Foodies on TikTok are jumping on this latest craze, with content creators sharing their recipes. One Keto account suggested adding granulated onion to boost the flavour further.

Another creator, Amal Awad, suggests using Himalayan salt for those that like a saltier flavour.

Shannon Doherty, another fan of the snack on TikTok, said: ‘You guys! Try them! I was wondering at first too but love it as a snack now!’

But others haven’t been fooled, arguing this is just how you dress a salad anyway.

One person said: ‘That is a salad. Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper is how Italians prepare their salads every day. Are you being funny?’

Another wrote: ‘Am I the only one who rewatched this thinking I missed something? No? Okay cool, so are we changing the word salad to lettuce chips?’

Is it a case of don’t knock it till you try it? You decide.

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