The rise and rise of Liz Truss

As Boris Johnson faces questions over his future, Conservative members and MPs are looking at their options for who might replace him and one name keeps coming up

Liz Truss entered parliament in 2010 at the same time as the Conservatives returned to government after 13 years in opposition. David Cameron immediately spotted her as a rising star of the party and she was installed as a minister two years later. From there it has been a steady rise through the ranks to the cabinet under Theresa May and then foreign secretary under Boris Johnson.

As our chief political correspondent Jessica Elgot tells Nosheen Iqbal however, she hasn’t always been taken seriously despite her rapid rise. Her speech about cheese imports being a disgrace went viral as have several of her broadcast interviews since. But in recent polling, her blend of free-trade and low-tax Conservatism coupled with a can-do spirit has shot her to the top of Tory membership surveys on who they would like to see as a future leader. And with Boris Johnson facing scandals on several fronts, there are many in the party itching to begin the process of installing a new party leader and prime minister.

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