The 20-minute exercise: The energy of opposites exercise

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Fancy a health blast that may get your blood pumping – and takes lower than half an hour?

A high-intensity cardio exercise is a incredible strategy to construct endurance, enhance stamina and take your total energy to the following degree too.

Anthony Mayatt, private coach and proprietor of Breathe Fitness, has designed this bespoke exercise that focuses on opposites, and can be an excellent problem for health club bunnies.

‘This is a workout that will really test your fitness levels and strength,’ says Anthony.

‘This foundation behind this exercise is to “superset” 2 actions that work within the reverse means. So, train 1 is a really gradual managed motion, then train 2 is quick and explosive – however works the identical or related muscle group.

‘Completing each workouts will equal 1 spherical. I would love you to do a complete of three for every collection of workouts – with a brief relaxation between (30 seconds between rounds, 60 seconds between routines).

Routine 1
Slow squats – 45 seconds
Squat jumps – 30 seconds
X 3

Routine 2
Slow push-ups – 45 seconds
Burpees – 30 seconds

Routine 3
Side lunges (alternating) – 45 seconds
Skaters – 30 seconds

Routine 4
Plank touches – 45 seconds
Mountain climbers – 30 seconds

‘Notice that not only your lungs work hard from this workout, but your muscle strength as well,’ Anthony provides.

‘Warm up for 5-10 mins beforehand and get in a good stretch afterwards.’

Full physique opposites exercise

Slow squats

Stand together with your toes roughly hip width and drop your hips again and down as if sitting in a chair.

Squeeze your glutes and push again to the beginning place utilizing your heels. 2-3 seconds down and the identical on the return.

Squat jumps

Stand together with your toes roughly hip width and drop your hips again and down as if sitting in a chair.

Squeeze your glutes and push up right into a bounce by means of the heels then land straight into the following squat.

Slow push-ups

The push-up is the gradual, managed transfer (Picture: Getty)

Hands on the ground instantly beneath your shoulders and toes stretched out behind you.

Lower your chest and hips in direction of the ground, pause then press again to the beginning place.

You may also do the identical dropping the knees to the ground to make the motion simpler. 2 seconds down and the identical on the return.


Stand upright. Crouch down touching your arms to the ground in entrance of your toes, then bounce your legs all the best way out as if attending to a push up place.

Lower your physique to the ground, then push again up, bounce the legs again in and bounce within the air.

Side lunges

Stand upright with toes collectively. Take a big step together with your proper foot out to the facet conserving it going through forwards so you might be in a large stance.

Bend the best knee, conserving the left leg straight. Push again to a beginning place and repeat on the left facet.


Stand upright with toes collectively. Jump together with your proper leg to the facet, land then instantly bounce to the left.

Try to remain mild in your toes and make the jumps as large as potential.

Plank touches

Lay in your entrance with elbows stacked beneath shoulders and forearms flat on the bottom.

Lift right into a straight line with solely forearms and toes on the bottom and that is the start line.

1 repetition is reaching your proper arm out to the facet and tapping the ground then returning it and swapping arms, then doing the identical together with your toes tapping to the perimeters.

Mountain climbers

Start in a push up place with arms beneath the shoulders and legs out behind you.

Drive your knee in direction of your elbow and because the leg returns to the beginning place, swap legs and do the identical with the alternative.

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