Sue Grey has proper to call senior officers fined over partygate, says Dominic Raab

Labour’s requires a windfall tax to be imposed on oil and fuel giants to assist deal with the price of dwelling disaster is a “populist trick”, Dominic Raab has instructed. 

The Deputy Prime Minister argued Labour had didn’t assess the affect such a transfer would have on the power business and on tax revenues. 

He informed Times Radio: “The center floor is, and I feel that is the method the Chancellor is taking, going and speaking to these large power corporations, recognising the large quantity of tax income that an organization like BP can pay this 12 months alone, billions of kilos, recognising the large quantity of funding that they’ve already introduced, and checking whether or not if we enhance tax that goes up or down. 

“That is the due diligence that you would expect from the Chancellor on energy but also across the board and frankly it is easy to say ‘take this or that measure’. You have got to look at those fundamentals and that is why only this Government compared to Labour who will go for any populist trick to get in the newspapers, we are the ones looking at the fundamentals.”

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