Should the Boston Celtics be making calls about De’Aaron Fox’s trade availability?

The Sacramento Kings are bad. So bad that their fans are puking in the stands during games, and people are only half-joking that it’s the play of the Kings that caused it. Bad enough to sack head coach Luke Walton before the season’s a quarter done — and analysts don’t think it’s just the fault of the son of the Boston Celtics champion Bill to blame.

Star Sacramento point guard De’Aaron Fox has been having the sort of rough start in terms of efficiency as has many stars around the league, including Boston’s Jayson Tatum. But unlike Tatum, Fox’s game hasn’t improved much yet, and with a surplus of guards on the team’s roster, might well be a candidate to be traded according to The Athletic’s Sam Amick.

Should the Celtics inquire about Fox’s availability? Even with his rough start, he’s playing about as well if not better than any guard on Boston’s roster (19.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 5.6 assists per game) save for his atrocious accuracy from deep (24.4%), while also being just 23 years old.

Boston would have a shot at perhaps buying low while banking that the Kentucky product could adjust and return to the player he’s shown flashes of in the past.

Of course, he actually has to be available and for a cost the Celtics would be willing to pay, but is absolutely another candidate to keep tabs on as more players become moveable in mid-December.

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