Scott Morrison has to ‘beat’ the liar perception

The ‘liar’ tag is something Prime Minister Scott Morrison has “got to beat”, according to former Liberal Party website editor Parnell Palme McGuinness.

“Partly because the Labor line about Morrison being a liar has stuck to him, and that’s what he took from Macron,” Ms McGuiness told Sky News Australia.

“So, Labor played that very well in terms of hammering home the idea that the Prime Minister is lying.

“And he has been out there trying to counter that.

“Whereas I think Australians wouldn’t really have had any problem with the Prime Minister taking on the French over the submarines – the lying tag is something that he’s struggled with for a while.”

Ms McGuinness said Treasurer Josh Frydenberg “probably has a higher trust rating than Morrison does”.

“It will help to have Frydenberg out front and centre arguing on the economy close to the election.”

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