Photo appears to show Downing Street lockdown gathering with the Prime Minister, his wife and staff

A photograph has emerged of an alleged Downing Street lockdown gathering that shows the Prime Minister and his wife in the garden of Number 10 enjoying cheese and wine with various members of staff.

The image, published by the Guardian newspaper, appears to corroborate claims that a social gathering took place in Downing Street in May 2020, when mixing between households was limited to two people and guidance was to only meet in person for business if “absolutely necessary”.

It shows 19 people gathered in the sun on the Downing Street terrace and in the garden below.

They include Mr and Mrs Johnson and a collection of aides and civil servants, who are not observing social-distancing regulations, and a man who appears to be Martin Reynolds, Mr Johnson’s principal private secretary.

Mr Reynolds is thought to be involved in the investigation into lockdown-breaching parties in Downing Street, which is being conducted by another civil servant.

It comes after it was reported Downing Street staff had attended a social event on the same evening, where pizza and wine were served.

A Number 10 source insisted that the photo showed officials in a “meeting” and defended Mrs Johnson’s presence in the garden of her own home.

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