Origin of Tutankhamun’s curse unwrapped… a journalist mad at not getting scoop

Within six weeks of the demise, one other customer to the tomb, the financier George Jay Gould, died of an identical lung an infection. 

A 12 months later, Hugh Evelyn White, an Egyptologist who had attended the tomb opening, took his personal life and left a word saying that he had “succumbed to a curse”.

Over the following decade, any deaths with hyperlinks to the tomb had been seized upon by journalists as proof of the curse.

In 1924, Sir Archibald Douglas Reid turned unwell the day after X-raying Tutankhamun’s mummy and died three days later.

Two years later, Aaron Ember, an American Egyptologist who was current when the tomb was opened, died in a home fireplace.

AC Mace, a member of Carter’s excavation workforce, died in April 1928, having suffered from pleurisy and pneumonia in his closing years.

Richard Bethell, Lord Carnarvon’s secretary and the primary individual behind Carter to enter the tomb, died in suspicious circumstances in 1929.

‘Exotic deaths were a gold mine’

Ella Al Shamahi, a paleoanthropologist and the presenter of the documentary, stated: “For the newspapers, these exotic deaths were a gold mine and they started to splash stories of a curse of Tutankhamun. Hungry for stories, reporters added ever more names to the list.”

Sceptics have identified that many others who visited the tomb or helped to find it lived lengthy and wholesome lives, together with Carter, who died of lymphoma in 1939 on the age of 64.

However, when Carter’s canary was killed by a cobra at his residence, Weigall blamed it on the curse, reporting {that a} Royal Cobra, the identical as that worn on Tutankhamun’s headdress, had entered the home in vengeance.

The documentary discovered that among the deaths could have been triggered by micro organism launched from the tomb, affecting individuals already affected by continual lung situations.

Tutankhamun: Secrets of The Tomb, airs on Sunday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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