Norovirus diseases linked to Seattle IHOP

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Public Health — Seattle & King County report investigating an outbreak of norovirus-like sickness related to vomiting, diarrhea, belly ache, and chills at IHOP #1755 in Seattle.


Since April 29, 2022, 5 individuals from 1 meal get together reported changing into sick after consuming meals from IHOP on April 28, 2022. No staff have been recognized as being sick.

Environmental Health Investigators visited the restaurant on May 4th, 2022. Investigators recognized improper handwashing which is a threat issue recognized to contribute to the unfold of norovirus-like sickness. The restaurant closed on May 4, 2022, to finish an intensive cleansing and disinfection.

Environmental Health Investigators revisited the restaurant on May fifth and confirmed correct cleansing and disinfection was accomplished. The restaurant was reopened on May 5, 2022.

Investigators reviewed with restaurant administration the requirement that sick employees aren’t allowed to work till they’re symptom-free for at the very least 48 hours and supplied training about stopping the unfold of norovirus — together with correct handwashing and stopping naked hand contact with ready-to-eat meals.

No laboratory testing was carried out on the sufferers. Often in norovirus outbreaks, no laboratory testing is finished as a result of individuals are likely to get higher inside a day or two. Symptoms amongst those that received sick are suggestive of norovirus-like sickness.

  • Norovirus is a extremely contagious virus that ceaselessly spreads person-to-person and is usually related to meals. Norovirus sickness typically has a sudden onset of nausea and vomiting and/or watery diarrhea with cramps. A low-grade fever, chills, and physique aches generally happen.
  • Norovirus hardly ever causes extreme problems. Dehydration is the commonest complication, significantly amongst younger kids and the aged. No vaccine is offered for norovirus.



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