Mum praised for sharing hack to help baby take medicine

A brilliant hack for parents to know (Picture: @hannahroberts175 TikTok)

There is nothing tougher for a mum than having to see her baby sick. 

You want to do everything you can to care for them, and sometimes that includes giving them medicine. 

However, for babies, this is something they usually don’t want to do. 

Now, one mum is making life easier for caretakers everywhere by sharing a seriously smart way to help your little ones take their Calpol. 

TikTok user @hannahroberts175 shared the life hack on the platform and parents everywhere rejoiced. 

Since being posted the video has racked up over 2.7 million views and thousands of comments. 

She captioned the clip: ‘I highly recommend it if your baby is awkward with her calpol like mine.’

In it, Hannah can be seen placing the syringe of medicine into the top of a bottle. She then puts this in her baby’s mouth to replicate a bottle feed. 

Her baby can be seen easily digesting the Calpol with no issues. 

Those in the comments thanked Hannah for sharing the trick. 

‘Due in April..I’m going to store this in my brain forever,’ wrote on viewer. 

‘Genius! Where was this seven and 12 years ago when I needed it,’ added another. 

Some shared how they had done similar and it always worked a treat. 

One mum commented: ‘We’ve always given medicine to our daughter like this. Saves so much fuss.’

TikTok has become a popular spot for mums to find baby tips and another hack trending on the platform right now is all to do with burping.

Some babies struggle to pass wind after feeding and it can cause them to become increasingly uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if there is a will, there is a way, and user @mrsstringy shared her foolproof way to wind her little one.

Instead of patting them on the back, the mum advises others to press one hand against their back for straight posture.

With the other, put it under their chin for an ‘open airway.’

Sit and wait and your baby should burp with ease.

According to the NHS, when winding your baby, you should support the baby’s head and neck and make sure their tummy and back is straight and not curled up. You should then rub or pat their backs gently.

The baby can also be winded by positioning them over your shoulder or by sitting them on your lap or even lying across your lap.

For more information on correct winding methods, visit the NHS website here.

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