Most cancers sufferers pressured to testify anonymously in Fukushima nuclear catastrophe case

“The doctor told my father that the cancer was highly malignant and had spread widely. He said it appeared to be less than five years old,” one man advised native media earlier than the listening to.

TEPCO has at all times maintained that there is no such thing as a hyperlink between the leak of radiation from the plant and the spike in most cancers circumstances, including that checks of 1,080 kids from three cities across the plant confirmed nobody obtained greater than 50 millisieverts of radiation, the annual restrict for nuclear employees.

Their legal professionals are set to argue that the excessive price of thyroid cancers in Fukushima is the results of overtesting. 

The firm’s makes an attempt to discredit them has added gas to widespread hostility in direction of the plaintiffs.

“The people of Hiroshima were shunned by the rest of Japan after the atomic bombing of the city in 1945 because they did not understand about radiation and they feared they could catch it as a disease,” Chisato Kitanaka, an affiliate professor of sociology at Hiroshima University advised The Telegraph. 

“We cannot say that people do not lack information on the Fukushima case, but these people are still being singled out. They attack because they prefer to believe TEPCO or because they support the government’s plan to restart the nation’s nuclear reactors.” 

In a separate case, earlier this 12 months Japan’s Supreme Court upheld an order for TEPCO to pay damages of 1.4 billion yen (£9.5 million) to about 3,700 folks whose lives have been devastated by the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, within the first resolution of its type.

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