Lockdown must be avoided because this is ‘as good as it gets’, warns Oxford scientist

Professor Stephen Reicher, a social psychologist from the University of St Andrews, has said that we “need to reduce our contacts” in order to curb the spread of Covid.

“If we have twice as many contacts, we will spread the disease – if we were to have it – to twice as many people, so we need to reduce our contacts,” he told BBC Breakfast.

When asked about Christmas, Prof Reicher said: “The safest thing is not to meet up before Christmas.

“If you want a good Christmas dinner, I would say be very careful about meeting up before Christmas. But you can do things to stack the odds in your favour if you ever do meet up – the first thing to do is to make sure that you have a lateral flow test.”

“They’re not perfect but, if we take them, they improve our odds. Make sure that the spaces we go into are as well ventilated as possible, that we think about distancing, meet outdoors if we can…

“We can do all sorts of things to stack the odds in our favour but the bottom line is the more we meet before Christmas, the more we put Christmas at risk.”

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