Jordy Honner, 20, attacked and left to die on West Australian highway

A 20-year-old woman has revealed the horrific details of a nightmare ordeal after being bashed by a stranger who left her to die.

A young woman was 170km into a road trip along the West Australian coast when she was brutally beaten and left to die on the side of the road by a random man.

Jordy Honner had set off on the 600km journey from Carnarvon to Pinjarra about 3pm Friday after spending the week holidaying with a friend and her two dogs.

The 20-year-old was just 170km into her trip when she noticed a man in a white Holden Colorado ute had been following her.

“I noticed when I pulled into Billabong Roadhouse that he had followed me, and he didn’t even get out of the car so I was like ‘oh, well this is a bit suss’,” Ms Honner told Nine News.

Ms Honner drove another 5km before she pulled into a parking bay, with the man following her.

He approached the 20-year-old and asked for her to hand over her phone number.

She said no and he persisted another five times.

“The torture. I was just like, I thought I was dead,” she said.

The stranger then lunged at Ms Honner and attacked her, grabbing at her jumper.

The 20-year-old reached for a knife in an attempt to defend herself, prompting the man to choke her so badly she “went black”.

Ms Honner was beaten and dragged under her own Toyota Land Cruiser, left with injuries to her eye, jaw, ribs and pelvis.

She questioned whether the man thought he had killed her.

“Did he think he‘d killed me and he was going to hide my body then someone drove past or he heard a car coming?” Ms Honner said.

The young woman spent more than five hours unconscious under her truck on the side of the road as her loyal Kelpies sat beside her.

It wasn’t until five hours later that a truck driver found her and poured water over her face.

The pained and confused 20-year-old then drove herself to hospital.

“I want him to get locked up and he can be locked up for life,” Ms Honner said.

Police are on the hunt for Ms Honner’s attacker, who she describes as having dark skin with dirty blonde hair, wearing navy jeans with holes and a white crew-neck T-shirt.

She said the man was in his late 30s to early 40s and had a white rose and dagger tattoo on his forearm.

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