‘I took British Airways to court because it cancelled my flight – and I won’

Earlier this yr Brett Clancy confronted down British Airways within the small claims court docket over an excellent £55 refund and received. Mr Clancy mentioned: “It might seem like a nominal sum, but it was a matter of principle. I didn’t do it for the money but rather to ensure BA paid what it owed.”

Last yr Mr Clancy paid £265 for return tickets to Madeira, however BA cancelled his inbound flight. The airline refunded £76.70 – 30pc of the full ticket value.

But Mr Clancy argued that he was owed a refund of half the whole ticket worth, or £132.50. Even although BA argued that the fare for the return leg of the journey was a lot decrease than for the outbound journey, Mr Clancy refused to again down and took the combat to the courts, the place he represented himself.

He mentioned: “Among other things, I argued that the prices of flights that they referred to on their online booking system were merely indications and could change during the booking process. I argued that the customer did not ‘agree’ to those prices and never saw them again, and that they did not appear on the ticket, which is the contract.”

A choose within the county court docket agreed and ordered BA to pay the excellent refund of £55.84 and reimburse court docket charges.

Mr Clancy added: “It was time consuming, but I was just sick of shoddy customer service from large companies. It’s not that difficult to sue big companies in the small claims court and hopefully, if enough people do so, it might force them to change their customer service approach.”

British Airways mentioned: “The cost of tickets is clearly displayed during our booking process.”

If an airline falls wanting its authorized tasks when it pays a refund or compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight, be sure you know your rights.

Mr James mentioned: “If an airline declines your utility for real reimbursement, an excellent subsequent step is chopping and pasting a hyperlink to the regulation that dictates its obligations. Ask it why it’s disagreeing with the regulation. It could be very prone to wish to keep away from disputing the regulation in writing.

“Doing this will also show that you know what you are talking about. The airline will be more likely to back down and stop trying its luck.”

Mr James urged passengers to take photographs of receipts for bills incurred on account of flight cancellations, similar to lodges and meals, to say later. He added: “If you are trying to get through to the airline and its online chat isn’t working or you have been on hold for ages, take a screenshot. This will show that it failed to offer the most basic contact when you needed it.”

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