House for sale in North Carolina looks like a ‘bunker on Endor’



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A sophisticated looking dome-home on the real estate market in Advance, North Carolina has caught the eye of a popular social media page thanks to its unorthodox shape and stylish interior.

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The home, which is composed of not one, but three domes is listed for $549,000 on 13 acres in leafy Davie County.

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“Sit on the tranquil deck and welcome the evening visit from the family of deer,” the listing on Zillow describes. “Enter through the main dome and experience the WOW factor when you see the gorgeous flooring and natural lighting from the skylights!”

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Other “wow” factors in the 2,728-square-foot home include:

  • Spiral staircases throughout

  • Primary bedroom with its own loft

  • Lights you can pair with Bluetooth

  • Stunning views

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While most fans on Zillow Gone Wild fell in love with the chicness of the three-bedroom, three-bath home, others decided to bring the jokes — mostly about the shape and all those steps seemingly scattered throughout the place.

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“Would I live there? Sure,” one fan said. “Would I probably trip and die from all the random steps throughout? Absolutely.”

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“I thought I would hate it and I don’t, so there’s that,” another said.

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“I love it and hate it at the same time,” one observed.

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“2 domes, no. 3 domes, YES!” another exclaimed.

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“Perfect home for a cult,” one person joked.

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“Throw some drunk people in that house and they are as good as gone!!!” another exclaimed.

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And one fan opted to compare it with a famous moon in the “Star Wars” franchise.

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“First impression: bunker on Endor,” the person joked.

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The home must be receiving a hot reception since it jumped up $100,000 in price on Nov. 23, according to Zillow.

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This story was originally published November 23, 2021 2:20 PM.

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