Ghislaine Maxwell will not testify in her sex-trafficking trial

Now married to another financier, Dr Andersson-Dubin said she felt comfortable with her three children being around Epstein, adding that they called him “Uncle F”.

Dr Dubin’s husband is hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, who has been accused of having sex with Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre when she was a teenager.

Mr Dubin has denied the claims.

Dr Andersson-Dubin, a Swedish physician, testified that she never observed any inappropriate contact between the multi-millionaire and any teenage girls.

Dr Andersson-Dubin undermined the claims of the accuser known as Jane, who said that a woman named “Eva” took part in sexualised group massages.

“I don’t recall ever meeting this person,” she said, adding that she had “absolutely not” been involved in a group sexual encounter with the accuser.

However, on cross-examination, a prosecutor asked Ms Andersson-Dubin if she had any memory problems.

“It’s very hard for me to remember anything far back and sometimes I can’t remember things from last month. My family notices it. I notice it. It’s been an issue.”

Next on the stand was a 47-year-old woman called Michelle Healy, who used to work for Epstein’s company in 1996. She testified that her sister had worked at Zorro ranch, in New Mexico, but denied ever taking part in any sexualised group massages with the accuser known as Jane.

Ms Maxwell has denied the allegations.

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