Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Judge denies defence’s request for more time in sex trafficking trial

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell have been dealt a big setback in her sex trafficking trial despite pleading that her “life in on the line”.

The defence in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial has been dealt a huge blow after the judge denied their plea for more time to find witnesses.

Ms Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger begged Judge Alison Nathan on day 12 of the British socialite’s sex trafficking trial for more time, saying “Our client’s life is on the line.”

Ms Menninger said they were struggling to find a witness named Kelly who they had issued a subpoena to testify.

“I understand that your honour runs a tight ship. We are flying people across the country, across the pond, our client’s life is on the line and we are given only a half a day to put on a witness,” she said.

However, prosecutor Maurene Comey hit back, saying the defence had plenty of time to arrange their witnesses during a five-day break in the trial this week.

“We strongly disagree with the suggestion that the defence counsel has been unduly rushed here,” she said.

Judge Nathan agreed, saying she would not allow the defence’s motion for more time.

“I have a rule, you have your next witness or you rest,” she said.

Ms Maxwell’s lawyers also made it clear that they could rest their case later today.

Lawyers for the British socialite, 59, stunningly claimed that she was “too fragile” to take the witness stand.

“Ghislaine Maxwell is unlikely to testify over serious worries she is too fragile and will not be able to acquit herself properly,” her spokesman said.

The defence continued on with the witnesses they had in court, calling FBI agent Amanda Young.

Ms Young was asked to read aloud a record of her interview with Ms Maxwell’s first accuser, known only as “Jane”.

“I want to turn to page 7,” Ms Menninger told Ms Young. “You wrote, Jane did not recall specific abuse that may have occurred in New Mexico.”

The defence has said it will call three witnesses on Friday – following the three who testified yesterday.

The first two will be law enforcement agents, followed by Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend Eva Dubin.

Ms Maxwell denies six charges linked to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

The trial continues.

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