Game room security guard tackles, disarms gunman, TX cops say


A security guard at a Houston, Texas game room tackled and disarmed a gunman armed with a rifle on Monday, Jan. 17, according to police.

Screengrab from Twitter post by Houston Police Department.

When a rifle-wielding gunman walked into a Houston, Texas, game room, a security guard rushed into action, according to police.

In the early morning Monday, Jan. 17, Houston police say an armed suspect entered the Legends Poker game room on the 9200 block of Richmond Avenue – and a guard tackled him and took his weapon away.

It was around 1:30 a.m. when the gunman came in through the front door, KHOU reported. He told the roughly 50 people in the game room that he was robbing the place.

He was armed with an AR-15, police told KTRK.

The security guard, Trelynn Robinson, told the station that a bullet grazed him, and his shoulder was dislocated during the confrontation.

“He was asking me to give him the money. But instead, I lunged towards him, fought him, wrestled him with the gun, it started to go off,” Robinson told the outlet. “A couple things happened. I was able to tackle him down and put the handcuffs on him, arrest him.”

After tackling the suspect, several others stepped in to help disarm him, KHOU reported.

Although shots rang out during the struggle, nobody in the game room was hit by gunfire, police said. The suspect was taken into custody.

Mitchell Willetts is a real-time news reporter covering the central U.S. for McClatchy. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate and outdoors enthusiast living in Texas.

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