Deer breaks into Ohio office via window and creates havoc


A deer barged into an office in Ohio and trashed it during an overnight stay. Wildlife officers piled up desk furniture to successfully create an exit path.

Ohio Division of Wildlife photo

A rambunctious deer barged into an office in Ohio and went berserk, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

It happened in Mount Vernon, about 50 miles northeast of Columbus, and a photo posted on Facebook shows the animal trashed the room in seemingly impossible ways.

This includes a chair that landed atop a desk.

Mount Vernon police arrived first, then called state Wildlife Officer Austin Levering, who called for backup.

“The deer had crashed through a window, shattering the glass, and trapped itself in an office room where it was not discovered until the employees arrived to work that morning,” the division wrote in a Jan. 11 Facebook post.

“After observing the agitated doe run in circles and jump over a desk, Officer Levering requested assistance.”

The photo shows the deer sitting amid the debris, with a rather satisfied expression.

Levering and his supervisor, Bill Bullard, concluded the only way to get it out was to build a channel of debris to the exit and wait.

“After using tables, trash cans, and other available resources to create a safe pathway, the officers opened the door to coax the deer from the room and toward the exit,” the division wrote.

“The deer slowly and surely walked out of the building and into the area it came from.”

Wildlife officials lauded the officers for their ingenuity in getting the deer out safely.

The name of the business was not revealed, but the incident happened in December, officials said.

As of Jan. 13, the state’s Facebook post had gotten more than 1,100 reactions and comments, including some who joked the deer should have been forced to clean the mess before exiting.

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