Climate Experts Send Message to World Leaders as Melting Iceberg Arrives at COP26

A mostly melted iceberg from Greenland arrived outside the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow on Friday, November 5, as world leaders and delegates attended the COP26 summit. The iceberg, brought by Arctic Basecamp – a collective of climate scientists and experts – made its way from Greenland via Iceland to the east coast of England before arriving in Glasgow. Professor Gail Whiteman, founder of Arctic Basecamp, said bringing a real iceberg from Greenland reminds world leaders and delegates at the climate conference of the extent of the climate emergency. “What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there,” she says. “The Arctic is in crisis, warming at three times the rate of the global average.” This footage, posted to their YouTube channel, shows the iceberg thawing outside the summit location. World leaders and climate activists will be in Glasgow for the COP26 summit until November 12. Credit: Arctic Basecamp via Storyful

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