Chanel’s £615 advent calendar is being roasted for ‘trash’ and ‘tragic’ contents

The packaging got full marks on TikTok, unlike the contents which have been mercilessly slated (Picture: TikTok @eliseharmon)

A few years back, Zoe Sugg (the artist formerly known as Zoella) took heat for putting her name to a £50 advent calendar where the contents didn’t seem to live up to the price.

But her cautionary tale doesn’t seem to have made it to Chanel, who are suffering the exact same fate after releasing their 2021 advent calendar.

Videos of the gift countdown box were shared on TikTok, with the treats behind its doors drawing comparisons to Zoella and the ill-fated Fyre Festival.

Elise Harmon posted her first unboxing video of the festive product two days ago, and it’s since been viewed over 11 million times. The recurring theme among commenters and Elise alike appears to be that it’s not worth its high price point.

Costing £610 ($815), N°5 The Calendar is one of the priciest available.

It has 27 boxes, and inside of each you’ll find ‘a full-sized fragrance or makeup product, a miniature or another surprise marked with Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number’.

The French fashion house calls it ‘a calendar unlike any other’ on the product’s web page.

The items in Elise’s definitely gave her a surprise – albeit not for the right reasons – when the first door she opened revealed a small sheet of stickers. In disbelief, the creator continued opening different doors to see if the other treats were of a higher value.

The results were mixed. Among full-size versions of hand cream, fragrance, and lipstick were doors featuring less luxe treats, such as a trinket pouch, mini flipbook… and yet more stickers.

Doors start at No5 – natch – and go up to New Year’s Eve (Picture: Chanel)

Starting at number five, TikTokers initially thought there were fewer compartments than a standard advent countdown, but Elise later clarified that the daily treats go up to number 31.

Four of the calendar’s drawers contain stickers and two have bookmarks, along with six mini or sample size beauty products. A teeny body cream behind the 31st door was described by Elise as ‘just enough for [her] left arm’.

‘I would sue them’, commented one person under the videos, while another wrote, ‘I’d demand a refund if I were you. That’s literally worth like $5 maybe.’

‘How are they getting away with this?’ asked one more underwhelmed commenter, and it was described by another as ‘The Fyre Festival of advent calendars’.

Basically, people aren’t happy. And after a whole lot of criticism was sent Chanel’s way as a result, the brand has deleted its official TikTok account.

Some people did defend Chanel, arguing that customers could see a list of what’s inside the calendar before forking out.

The response to the purchase from Elise isn’t all bad either. She gave the packaging 10 out of 10, and loved some of the exclusive Chanel trinkets she got.

But as the caption on her most recent upload reads, ‘When you try to get festive by buying an advent calendar but are left with shattered hopes and dreams,’ it doesn’t seem like she’ll be purchasing again next year.

Chanel has been contacted for comment.

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