CeeLo Green robbed individuals after dropping out of faculty

Long earlier than he was a five-time Grammy winner, CeeLo Green did no matter he needed to do to outlive the streets of Atlanta.

“I was robbing people by myself. You have to understand, I didn’t have any friends and I was not in school. My mom did not know. I dropped out of school, so I was fronting like I was [still] going,” the singer, 46, tells Page Six solely.

“So I would leave in the morning when school started at the same time every day. I used to ride the train all day. I was like 13, 14, 15 then. I was young.”

In 1994, on the age of 18, Green’s profession began to take off when he was featured on OutKast’s first album, “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.”

He was a member of the Southern rap group Goodie Mob on the time however finally left to change into a solo artist. He is now a family title with hit information similar to “Crazy” and “F–k You” who has additionally served as a coach on “The Voice.”

Goodie Mob in 1995.
Green (L) was part of Southern rap group Goodie Mob, seen right here in 1995.
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Six years in the past, Green had an awakening second.

“I had a young dude come up to me and say, ‘You don’t remember me, but I remember you’. He said, ‘I was a victim of your robbery,’” he tells us.

“I used to take individuals’s sneakers and take peoples jackets and stuff like that. I’d hang around on the prepare station and rob individuals. This was like ’87, ’88. I used to be the man taking individuals’s Jordans, sadly.

“He basically said, ‘You took my shoes at Hightower station,’ which is a MARTA train station in Atlanta, Georgia. And I said, ‘Sir, I’m so sorry. That was so long ago. I was so young and ignorant. Please forgive me.’ Then he said, ‘I already forgive you. I forgive you 1,000 times.’ He said, ‘Your music let me know that it was an intervention in your life and healing. I was able to heal from your healing.’”

CeeLo Green performing on stage.
Green reportedly has a web price of $10 million nowadays.
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Admittedly, that was not the primary time somebody approached Green with a narrative from his previous.

“A young lady stopped in on Instagram and left a comment saying I had robbed her, too. I remember I robbed her at a bus stop for her jacket. I’m not proud of that stuff,” he recollects.

“All the good I proceeded to do has been intentional. My career has been intentional. It’s very concentrated for productivity’s sake because I actually love people. Music has a lot to do with being my love language.”

After all, the producer and songwriter by no means felt like he had one other profession path to decide on.

“If the music did not happen … that’s the thing, I think the music would have happened. I was not as received or welcomed as I would like to be, but maybe that was just negativity within me. People were seemingly negative toward me,” he says.

“I just acted out because I didn’t feel accepted. … I will keep my distance because I’m not one to be bullied. I’m not gonna be the victim, and I wasn’t. Life is a boot camp, and you have to make it through the basic training.”

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