Bar Wunder: Queensland business hits back after vaccine rule fine

A Queensland bar just copped a $7000 fine for letting in unvaccinated patrons, but its owners remain defiant.

A Queensland establishment fined for not complying with the state’s vaccine rules has dug its heels in against what its owner calls “hypocritical and arbitrary” Covid restrictions.

Bar Wunder in Toowoomba was slapped with a $6,892 fine on Saturday night for noncompliance with an order barring unvaccinated people from entering hospitality and entertainment venues.

But its management is adamant that unvaccinated patrons will continue to be allowed in.

Writing on Facebook, the business said staff would continue to defy health orders that took effect on December 17 requiring hospitality venues to check the vaccine status of all visitors aged 16 and over and ensure they check in.

Bar Wunder said it was “completely opposed to segregation” and as such, would be accepting “everyone equally” regardless of the penalties it could incur.

The post said management had “zero regrets” about flouting health orders, and would continue to stand by its decisions.

“We do not believe this a public health issue, but one of complete control headed towards tyranny,” the post read.

“The nonsensical rules are hypocritical and arbitrary and we don’t want to play this game.”

The post went on to claim other businesses had “suffered tremendously” as a result of following the “weird-arse rules”, leaving owners “conflicted about how to navigate them”.

“Enough is enough,” it said.

The post included a photo of a document, which appeared to be the bar’s infringement notice, wrapped around a toilet roll holder.

“Our reward is this gorgeous piece of paper that has done nothing to dampen our resolve,” the establishment wrote.

It then quoted Rosa Parks, the American civil rights hero famous for refusing a bus driver’s order to vacate her seat for a white person: “You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right.”

Queensland Police confirmed the business had been issued a fine by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

A spokesperson said police would continue to take an educative approach to compliance with Covid-19 measures, however action will be taken against “blatant breaches detected with any business”.

There are fines of $6,892 for business which fail to comply with the public health directions. Further action can also be taken, depending on the circumstances of the matter.

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