Ali Harbi Ali discovered responsible of murdering Sir David Amess

After attacking Sir David at his constituency surgical procedure, he was apprehended by two law enforcement officials armed solely with batons and spray.

Simon Anslow, the Essex Police Chief Superintendent, praised his officers’ “astounding bravery” in tackling Ali.

“They’ve basically gone in armed with a stick – something that appears smaller than a deodorant can – to deal with a man that has just committed an absolutely heinous act, still armed with that knife. I think it’s an astounding act of bravery,” he mentioned. 

Max Hill QC, the director of public prosecutions, mentioned the homicide was “the most appalling tragedy”, notably for the Amess household, and an “attack on democracy”.

“I’m obviously pleased that at the end of what must have been a very difficult trial for Sir David Amess’s family, justice has been served and this individual will now pay the price for his crimes,” he mentioned.

Jurors have been informed Ali had no psychological well being points and he accepted a lot of the proof towards him.

He can be sentenced on the Old Bailey on Wednesday. 

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